Camp Clean Beats at Shambhala Music Festival

For many festival goers, attending a music festival and partying are synonymous with partaking in drug and alcohol use. What about those who are recovering addicts, or those who simply do not partake and still want to enjoy the festival experience? Camp Clean Beats at Shambhala Music Festival has the answer for you!

(Article reposted via Britz Robins for the Shambhala Music Festival blog)

What Is Camp Clean Beats?

Clean Beats is a part of Shambhala’s Harm Reduction team. It is a safe zone for festival-goers who want to remain drug & alcohol free by sharing lodging with others who are partying sober. Anyone entering the camp, campers and visitors alike, must be drug & alcohol free. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises.

Should I Camp With Camp Clean Beats?

All drug- & alcohol-free Shambhalovelies are welcome to join our camp! If you feel your own camp is unable to support your choice in remaining drug & alcohol free, you are welcome to find us, sign in and camp here. Please do not camp here if you plan on using any kind of mood- or mind-altering substance while at Shambhala – it is imperative that Clean Beats remains a haven for folks who choose the sober path while attending the festival.

How Do I Join Camp Clean Beats?

If you are planning on camping here, we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook in advance. Please be aware that campsite availability is on a first come, first served basis, so we really do encourage signing up with us prior to the festival so we can secure your spot.

If you are already on the Farm and looking to join Clean Beats, come check in with us to see if we have space available, though we can’t make any guarantees. Pending availability, you will be invited to complete a registration and have the opportunity to attend an orientation.

NOTE: Recovery-based meetings are open to all attendees who are clean and sober, whether they are camped at Clean Beats or elsewhere.

Where Is Camp Clean Beats?

Clean Beats is located next to Shambhalodging, on the edge of the festival grounds tucked into the forest. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk to Downtown Shambhala and the Stages.

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