The Boogaloo Mountain Jam | Time To Get On The Bus | April 24-26, 2015

Boogaloo killing it at Burning Man

There is something special to be said about the Boogaloo Bus, and while I don’t know exactly what this weekend spent in sunny California will entail, I do know that on a personal level, it is a homecoming.


The Boogaloo at Burning Man

The next few days will be spent exploring the depths of this bus, the culture surrounding it and the community that rallies around Boogaloo. And isn’t it serendipitous that we too are apart of Booglaoo’s legacy. Two years ago almost exactly to date, Kora and I started our music festival blog because of Boogaloo and the beautiful cast of people who form just some of the community around this bus. If I remember correctly, it was Brian Crain, Super Tall Paul and a Frenchman (whose name has sadly slipped my memory) that told Kora and I to start a blog about our adventures. I think the exact quote was “You two girls love music and festivals, radiate positivity and are so, so silly. You should start a blog, and name it after your alter egos – Betty and Kora.”

Following Coachella, we started B&K on April 21, 2013, and haven’t looked back since. And while our blog has grown with nearly 20 contributors and our Content Manager Lauren (who rocks), we can all thank the Boogaloo crew. I guess what I am trying to get at, is that this isn’t just any music festival.

Boogaloo killing it at Burning Man

Boogaloo killing it at Burning Man

In its ‘first year’ (kind of), the Boogaloo Mountain Jam presents a stacked lineup (see the poster below), a highly coordinated and organized social media and promotion strategy, and a series of some of the funniest lead-up videos I have ever seen. You can tell the organizers behind this event are not on their first rodeo and are bringing about as much creativity to a new event that I have seen in a while. What I love is this is an amalgamated effort by many key players from the Dirty Beetles, Camp Charlie and the Jabba Barge. I always want to #doublehighkick when multiple pieces of one puzzle come together to build events, and as it seems, Boogaloo’s puzzle appears united.

This weekend Kora and I are going to explore the Boogaloo, it’s crew and the larger community and family that have spawned a culture rooted in friendship, music, art, alliance, creativity and the shared love of boogying . I’m ready to get back on that bus, because you never know what might happen on the Boogaloo.

Boogaloo Lineup Poster

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