Sam Weber Video Series Finale, “Something Else.”

Our four part video series from Sam Weber ended last Wednesday, but alas we have the REAL finale for you today, there is always “Something Else.”

Episode 5: Something Else…

Sometimes you dive into the ether to find a song. Sometimes the song finds you. Sometimes the song lurches from some New York City subway construct, bites a chunk out of Woody Allen, and then crawls into your ear as you sit alone at your parents piano in North Saanich, BC, on the other side of the continent.
I’ve never been to New York City, but the distillation of my own obsession forced me in love with her regardless. The laws of the land, the legislators of said land on which I took my first breath, on which I was born, dictated long ago the nature of my relationship with New York City would be a long distance one. I struggle with that. I struggle with people telling me what to do and, for better or worse, that struggle is why I am an independent musician, struggling. Hustling. Loving life. And being fucking free.

Sometimes you choose your friends. Sometimes your friends choose you. Sometimes the nature of their personalities and yours create a symbiotic existence where small problems are just small problems and big problems ain’t nuthin’. I’m writing this for you last Thursday – you’re probably reading it next (this) Wednesday. In 3 days time, I’ll be getting in a van with two of my best friends to drive across the continent playing music we mostly make up as we go along. So, regardless of your nationality, if you find yourself North of the border in the next 3 months, take a bite out of our music and let’s be friends, too.

This song is for you. Thank you for watching this video and the others. Thank you for listening. Thank you for believing, like I do, that the struggle is worth it. The truth is, we don’t care about views – we only care about playing music for you. – Sam

Catch Sam on his massive tour across Canada, beginning April 18th. 7 weeks of shows across Canada, including their Canadian Music Week showcase at Handlebar in Toronto on May 5th. 51 days. 8 provinces. 12, 978 kilometers.

18/04 . Streaming Cafe . Kelowna, BC
19/04 . The Elk & Oarsman . Banff, AB
20/04 . Bo’s Bar . Red Deer, AB
21/04 . Mario’s Pub . Medicine Hat, AB
22/04 . Bushwakker Brew Pub . Regina, SK
23/04 . Common Cafe . Moose Jaw, SK
24/04 . Shannon’s Pub . Winnipeg, MB
25/04 . LOW Brewing Company . Kenora, ON
27/04 . The Foundry Pub . Thunder Bay, ON
29/04 . The Dominion Hotel . Minden, ON
01/05 . The Brownstone Cafe . Orilla, ON
05/05 . Handlebar . Toronto, ON (CMW Showcase)
06/05 . The Moustache Club . Oshawa, ON
10/05 . The Blacksheep Inn . Wakefield, QC
12/05 . BarPub St Denis . Montreal, QC
14/05 . Rock Bottom Brew Pub . Halifax, NS
15/05 . Split Crow Tavern . Bedford, NS
16/05 . The Hollywood Star Room . Ripples, NB
17/05 . Governors Pub . Sydney, NS
18/05 . Open Mic House . Halifax, NS
20/05 . Plan B . Moncton, NB
21/05 . The Rainbow . Ottawa, ON
23/05 . Loplops . Sault Ste Marie, ON
25/05 . The Foundry Pub . Thunder Bay, ON
27/05 . The Bijou . Kenora, ON
30/05 . The Root Community Emporium . Lloydminster, SK
31/05 . The Mercury Room . Edmonton, AB
02/06 . Cha Island . Edmonton, AB
03/06 . Owl Acoustic Lounge . Lethbridge, AB
04/06 . Wine-Ohs . Calgary, AB
05/06 . Infinitea . Fernie, BC (8pm)
05/06 . The Royal . Fernie, BC (10pm)
06/06 . The Rockwater . Golden, BC
07/06 . Guilt & Company . Vancouver, BC

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