Post Onesie: Your Guide to the Fabulous World of Festival Onesie Fashion

Festival fashion has really become a strange animal over the last few years. The great thing about it is that it isn’t really fashion at all! People can wear whatever they feel like, create alter egos, and express their style, no matter how bizarre.

There are definitely trends that catch on organically, some that have been around forever, and others that just come completely out of left field! One of these trends that have popped up over the last few years are onesies. So as post number one, I’m going to explore a particularly strange animal: Onesies.

I’m Kaiser, Betty and Kora’s new fashion corespondent, and this is Post Onesie!


I’ve been creeping on what people wear at festivals for over a decade here on the West Coast, and along with furry hoods, fuzzy boots and utility belts, onesies have taken their rightful place among the mainstays of rave regalia.

So whats the deal? Why are they so popular? Am I like, missing out by not owning one? Well, yes. All sorts of yes. Onesies are ridiculously easy to wear. You throw on some socks and underwear (optional), put on your onesie, add some footwear, and you’re set!

Imagine it’s your last night at a festival. You were up the entire night before, and spent your day lazing around on something inflatable in the hot sun like a greasy hot dog someone forgot on the camp stove. You don’t have any fucks left to give, and you sure aren’t going to spend a couple hours at camp getting yourself together enough to pick out an entire outfit. Onesie to the rescue! A warm, all over body layer is exactly what you need to feel human. Or not human, whatever you’re into, it’s your party. Everyone can put on one item of clothing, no matter how many bags of dicks you feel like. In short, onesies are a great, and lazy way to look cute while still being comfortable.


Here are some of my favorite makers of fine one piece vestments:

Who doesn’t want to party like a woodland creature? Or be a dub dinosaur stompin’ around the dance floor? Some of the cutest animal onesies come from Kigurami. They are a home grown, Canadian brand that originated in Montreal. Rumour has it you can buy them in Dressew Vancouver, or you can visit their website to order one.

Very affordable, and tons of options for even the most obscure spirit animal!


There are a ton of great brands that make onesies, and lots of people who can make them for you! Consider getting one custom made before you have that awkward moment when you realize that girl gyrating on the speaker is wearing YOUR onesie! It’s also a great way to support your local seamsters. Visit Lyssas Stitchery on Facebook for some dope custom onesie action! She is based out of Victoria and makes all kinds of glorious gear, but is notorious for her custom onesies!


While some onsies have been around since Diana Ross was doing high kicks at Studio 54, others are complete novelties. Morph suits for example: The first time I saw someone in one of these, I thought I was either having a fever dream, or had stumbled upon someone else’s kinky, Japanese fetish that I wanted absolutely no part of.

If you want to look like a scary, faceless luchador alien, and show off the veins in your junk, this is the onesie for you! You can get a custom printed morph suit, which is pretty cool I have to admit. A few different companies will do this, including zentai-zentai. You can literally get anyone’s face or body printed on these…the possibilities are mind boggling!


Blamo Toys make the sexiest mens onesies, hands down! These bunny onesies, or “bunnsies” are all kinds of good. On the steep end, but worth it in my opinion if you want to bring all the boys to your yard. These onesies are absolutely perfect. Plus, they are made from really wicked sock-rabbitesque cotton knit material, instead of gross synthetic faux fur. If you love the onesie trend, but don’t like wearing material that was designed for Chinese stuffed animals, this is the onesie for you!


I’m a huge fan of skeleton print. Just a fan of Halloween year round to be honest. In fact the only onesie I own is a skeleton long underwear onesie by Too Fast Circus. They might still be available, but they also make a super cute women’s tank top romper thing in skeleton print. Really good. Mmmm, them bones…


WORDS: Kaiser

Banner Photo Cred: All In One Company

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