Sam Weber| Four Part Video Series| Episode 3. Something Borrowed

Episode 3 in Sam’s “Something…” series is a borrowed song from Daniel Lanois.

A quick note about Lanois:

Sometime in high school, I stopped listening to playlists of my favourite songs and started listening to whole albums exclusively. It wasn’t some play to be a highbrow music snob or anything, I just went looking for something else from music and found some real emotional resonance in the art of an album as a whole. One thing worth denoting about this mode of musical consumption is it teaches you what artists you really connect with. I went through phases where I’d parasite off one artist exclusively: Metric, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, The Antlers all had their own phases. I still adhere to this trend today. Recently I’d been on an exclusive Joni Mitchell listening diet for 6 months. I was driving home one night after some session and a Lanois song called Sillium’s Hill came on CBC radio 2. I got into his first release “Acadie” and have been on a Lanois diet ever since.” – Sam

Things to watch for in this video:

⁃ Parsonage café breakfast sandwich. An unparalleled Victoria treat.
⁃ Marshall’s right arm tambourine dexterity/facial expressions.
⁃ Davy Crockett Christ the Redeemer impersonation

SOMETHING BORROWED – ‘The Maker’ by Daniel Lanois

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