Groundwerk Vancouver Launches April 22 at Beaumont Studios

Groundwerk Vancouver is a group of electronic music enthusiasts passionate about showcasing and nurturing our local community of producers, sound collectives, record labels, event organizers and media contributors. Their goal is to host a gathering that serves as a hub for the community to grow by sharing
knowledge, creating mentorships and fostering new connections between both newcomers and veterans to Vancouver’s music scene. The gatherings will be taking place on the fourth Wednesday of the month to listen to music submissions and receive feedback from peers, gain knowledge from keynote speakers, inspire new ideas with themed events and connect artists with an audience of labels, promoters, studios and media representatives.


These events will provide a social space for people across the electronic music community to learn, connect and advance together. The venue chosen is The Beaumont Studios, an organization with over a decade of history bringing artists together from across disciplines. Incorporating the electronic music community into the Beaumont’s larger arts environment creates a greater possibility for inspiration and cross-pollination. The Groundwerk team are thrilled to be one of the first ongoing events in the Beaumont’s new space. Groundwerk Vancouver was founded with inspiration and guidance from Habitat Studio Social in Calgary. They invite you to the first gathering on April 22nd. Follow Groundwerk’s social media channels for submission information and event details.

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