Lulacruza + Vincent Moon Release Full Visual Album, “Esperando el Tsunami”

Ahead of their next studio album, ‘Orcas’, Lulacruza release the full stunning visual album ‘Esperando el Tsunami’, shot in Colombia and directed by the prestigious French film director, Vincent Moon

Lulacruza, the internationally acclaimed shamanic electronic band from Latin America, released their first-ever visual album, titled Esperando el Tsunami. The visual album is a follow-up to their popular 2011 documentary film of the same name both directed by the acclaimed Vincent Moon, who The New York Times refers to as theprodigious French filmmaker who reinvented the music video.”

The nine-song visual album has Vincent Moon following Lulacruza members Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette as they travel throughout Colombia in a quest for the hidden and diverse voice of each exotic locale they visit. Their adventures include performances at the ancient Muisca territory of Cota and Juaica; the marimba and flute-filled rivers in the Colombian Pacific Rainforest; the sacred Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; and the Tayrona beaches on the Caribbean coast and other ancestral locations.

Esperando el Tsunami features two songs from Lulacruza’s soon-to-released Orcas album, titled“El Agua Abarca” and “Lagunita,” as well as alternative versions of several of their classics such as Pensar Bonito,” and other unreleased gems.

The journey served as a rite-of-passage for Lulacruza as they had the opportunity to collaborate with many of their lifelong mentors-gaining depth and maturity in their music. These musicians include Colombian musicians Teto Ocampo, Andrea Etcheverry, Hector Buitrago, Anne Swing, Mario Galeano, Eblis Alvarez, as well as incredible folk musicians such as Baudilio Cuama, Rocio Medina and emerging Colombian artists such as Jimena Angel, Agusa and The Original.

Each performance was inspired by listening deeply for the voices of the land, the ancestral lines that run latent through the territory and dialogue with the performers. Their music weaves together hypnotic female singing, South American folk instruments and electronic processing, while channeling the pulse of creation.

In addition to the visual album, the songs are also available for streaming on SoundCloud. Lulacruza’s upcoming Orcas album is expected to be released in April, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Jaar’s sound engineer Vance Galloway, and released on The Polish Ambassador’s boutique label Jumpsuit Records.

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