Sam Weber| Four Part Video Series| Episode 2. Something New

In continuation with our intimate four part video series created by Victoria-based singer/songwriter Sam Weber, this week we have Episode 2, ‘Something New’ to feature for your viewing and listening pleasure. If you are behind you can catch Episode 1, ‘Something Old’ here.

SOMETHING NEW – ‘I Wander Around In The Dark’

To let something unreleased slip out felt really good. To label it something new was a bit of an embellishment. ‘I Wander Around In The Dark’ is a song that is nearly two years old. We’ve been playing it live on the past couple tours and it’s starting to feel more finished. When I first played it for my friends, they were quick to tell me it sounded like ‘Lean On Me’. Here’s hoping Bill Withers is a nice guy/isn’t in need of a swift legal conquest to repave his driveway or something… – Sam.

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