Apashe Breathes Fire with New EP

Earlier this week, Apashe, the Montreal-based producer of Kannibalen Records dropped his I’m A Dragon EP. This two-song release is dark and dank, with each song taking you through an intense, mystical adventure to total annihilation.

The title song of the EP, “I’m A Dragon”, is a collaboration featuring UK rapper Sway, and is an epic number that starts on high synths and strings, then slams in Sway’s vocals. Low and grimy, any time this song comes on I can’t help but want to jump around. It is hard-hitting, bringing you through so many epic speeds in the build-ups, only to take away the bass and allow for beautiful violin sounds as an interlude – then smack you back down with sick trap. This is the absolute banger of the EP.

“Kannibalen”, my personal favourite of this release, is a track that shares the name of the record label that Apashe, Dabin, Snails, and Black Tiger Sex Machine all belong to. The song begins with hypnotic vocals, horns and drums, building deeper and wider. As the trap starts to run, we journey down our path of apocalypse, a robotic female voice filling us in on our own destruction. Drilling synths and haunting background vocals assault you throughout the song, with epic interludes to provide you hope in these troubled times for humanity. Rhythmic drums and singing bring the track to its softer end.

I’m incredibly thankful that I got to see Apashe perform in Calgary last month, or I wouldn’t have known about this EP. After touring Canada he began his world tour, which could be a factor in the exotic sounds of this EP. He is touring across Australia throughout the rest of March, with more dates to announce, so keep an eye on his event page!

WORDS: Kiddo

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