Sam Weber| Four Part Video Series | Episode 1. Something Old

We are very excited to be featuring the intimate four-part video series of Victoria based singer-songwriter Sam Weber, titled “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. Recorded live in between touring his debut album, Shadows in the Road, the series aims to to familiarize fans with the man behind the raw vocals and longing lyrics.

Every Wednesday over the next three weeks we will be featuring each segment of the series, with a few words from Sam. We grabbed the guitar virtuoso and word-smith for a quick Q+A in preparation for the series launch…

What was the inspiration behind creating this four part series, was it an idea you had been sitting on for a while?

The guys in my band and me had been looking to do a video project in some capacity but we weren’t sure what it would be. We’re all interested in film and scoring video and playing music obviously, so when we had the idea to do a bit of all that, it seemed right.

How did the theme “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” come about?

It was the dress code for some friends’ engagement party. It seemed transferable so we just ran with it.

You played at Song and Surf Music Festival in Port Renfrew last month, what was that experience like for you. How do festival performances differ to your own live shows?

I love that festival and Port Renfrew so much. The people who run Song and Surf and Tall Tree are the kindest, warmest, most intelligent and hard-working people you could ever hope to meet. The time I spend time with them and my friends up there is like a big birthday party. As far as the show went, they gave us an opportunity to execute our performance as we wanted. The people there were really receptive and kind as well!

To introduce the series and this mornings debut segment Something Old, Sam offered up the following insight:

We, the guys and me, the guys being: Marshall Wildman, Hugh Mackie, Esme John (on occasion but exempt from this project), Kirsten Ludwig (not a guy) made these videos before Christmas last year. In a frenzy to putty the cracks in our patience to release a new record and tour the world, we took to a visual medium to create something different for you, mundane for some others and marginally insightful into our lives as musicians in Victoria, BC. Complete with various live performances, it’s peppered with less insight, more fun times. Kirsten shot the live footage, Hugh scored each episode in one take on my CP70, and just like that, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue came in to existence. As the conception of this project temporarily pacified our need to share something again, maybe you can find something you need in here as well.
SOMETHING OLD – ‘Don’t Hurt’
In this video lies my favourite moment in the whole project. Upon the much welcomed terminus of my rambly, tired monologue, Hugh comes in with the improv’d CP70 score. Our vision for this whole thing was to just be really free in filming, and later mine for those moments of emotional catharsis. The one Hugh found at the beginning is the most resonant I think. – Sam

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