The Much Anticipated Going Further Trailer Is Out Now!!

We need to start by giving a huge SHOUT OUT to Matt Pidutti and Colby Rex for having the balls to make a movie like this. Over a year ago they mentioned the idea for this film…boarding the Further Bus and driving across America. 30 states and 15,000 miles later and an experience that almost transcends the term ‘once in a lifetime,’ these two BC Filmmakers have documented the birth of modern festival culture in a feature length documentary film that has been entirely independently funded. Armed with over 300 hours of footage, the film explores the evolution of music festival culture over 50 years since the original Further Bus Trip in 1964.

The film features Zane Kesey, Alex Grey, Sam Cutler (Tour Manager for The Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead), Rohney Stanley (Ex wife of Owsley “Bear” Stanley),  Ben Jammin, Original Pranksters (Roy Seybourn, Mountain Girl, George Walker, Anonymous , Freddie Hawn),  Nhako and Medicine for the People, as well as many new Pranksters, and many other inspiring individuals. The film will also include never before seen archive footage from as far back at 1964, featuring Ken Kesey, Neil Cassady, Hunter S. Thompson, Timothy Leary, and original Pranksters on the Further Bus.

This project has been entirely independently funded, and the team is currently looking for investors, sponsors, or a executive producer to help bring the film to life financially.

The documentary has had media support from  Vice, CBC, Relix Magazine, as well as many other local news sources and us over at Betty and Kora!

Visit the website were you can purchase pre-order DVD or Digital Download to help raise money for post-production. Don’t forget to follow them on facebook:

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  1. Spelled Furthur wrong. And amazing who is added, and who is missing from the list.

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