Envision Festival and The Polish Ambassador host Permaculture Action Day in Costa Rica on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Envision Festival – Costa Rica is partnering with The Polish Ambassador, the Permaculture Action Tour, and Natural Leaders, to host an Envision Permaculture Action Day one day prior to the festival on Wednesday, February 25th, at three different sites around Uvita, Costa Rica.  Festival participants will join the Action Day team and Uvita students at two schools and one extra-curricular educational center to plant fruit trees and gardens, paint murals, and share nutrition information, song, and dance. This is a cross cultural co-creation of an expanding resilient, regenerative, community-oriented culture: perma-culture!

In fall 2014, The Polish Ambassador, an electronic music producer who is headlining Envision this year, conducted a 33-city tour around the United States that connected audiences to food justice and urban sustainability organizations, taught permaculture, and hosted Action Days after every show to engage audience members in planting food forests and edible gardens, constructing natural buildings and greenhouses, and many other hands-on community projects at urban farms, inner-city neighborhoods, community gardens, and eco-villages.

Following the fall Permaculture Action Tour, Envision is the first music festival to participate in the Action Tour, giving back to the bioregion and community surrounding the festival location through an action day.


Students, teachers, parents, Envision-goers, and action day facilitators will plant fruit trees and construct a series of garden beds together. Permaculture is much more than ecological agriculture; permaculture is also about building community and nurturing relationships between people. In light of this, volunteers will paint murals and teach each other song and dance–art forms that connect community beyond language, region, and cultural upbringing.

This action day is part of a growing movement of energy towards regeneration of our ecology, and the re-building of community and social relationships of shared power, mutual aid, and affirmation of life, that the festival world is increasingly taking on.

The fifth annual Envision Festival officially begins the next day on Feb. 26 through March 1. The amazing lineup includes international DJs and musicians, as well as visionary art and performances, epic surf, adventure tours, world class yoga teachers, stimulating education, and one massive party amid lush jungles, waterfalls and beaches.

To get involved with the Action Day, visit the Envision Festival Action Day Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you for your post, a pity this year I did not have time to attend this festival. But next year, I will definitely try.

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