White Noise Vancouver #1 Anniversary Playlist!

The White Noise Vancouver #1 Anniversary Party is happening TONIGHT at Electric Owl Social Club with headliners The Knocks (DJ set) getting mad local support from absolute gems, Pat Lok, WMNSTUDIES & Momantix.

For those of you who have not been to a White Noise party before, it’s a monthly dance party curated by Pat Lok and WMNSTUDIES in partnership with Timbre Concerts that focuses on showcasing some of the best House, Nu Disco, and Indie Dance acts from around the world.

Over the past year they’ve had the honor of hosting shows with Bit Funk, Tropicool, South London Ordnance, Treasure Fingers, Lane 8, Moon Boots, Bear Mountain, Fm Attack, Adam Doubleyou, Cyclist, Rainer & Grimm, Kidnap Kid, Viceroy, Ben Pearce, Plastic Plates, Henry Krinkle, Option4, Kastle, Amtrac, Goldroom and The Knocks!

To celebrate this impressive lineup over the past year, the boys have thrown together a playlist of their favourite tunes from all these featured artists. For ticket and event info head over to the event page!

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