Feature Review: Good House Keeping VOL.11 @ Fortune Sound Club, Feb 8 2015

Family Day long weekend is still so brand new that I forgot about it entirely until it rolled around, but when it did, it provided an excellent excuse to go to a dirty electro show! Maybe it’s the rainy weather, or maybe it’s the post holidays bank account blues, but I realized I haven’t been to good DJ show in a while. I was dreaming of being at the DJ stage in the wee hours of a summer festival, but not all months can be summer months, so why not pack some of that feeling in to a mini festy to liven up February.

That’s exactly what Elevate Entertainment, Slowdjs, and Prestige STVT achieved at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver on Sunday Feb 8th with the 11th installment of GHK. 3 rooms with 3 different styles, and over 15 DJs throughout the event. When we first arrived we didn’t even make it all the way up the stairs before getting distracted by the Bassix Reunion Romper Room. The room itself was an art piece, not unlike something you’d find in a Montreal street art exhibit. Walls covered in expression. Huge plants and mirrors, and a back wall with thousands of records. And the people we’re every bit as interesting as the decor. The music was often a pleasant classy house with lots of open experimentation, a refreshing use of vinyl.

My love for house music is immense, since being in sweaty Australian clubs it’s been my favourite type of EDM hands down. GHK was an interesting experience for me because the main stage wandered from the 4 on the floor that i fiend for and was heavy on the breakbeat and trap, genres I’ve never really focused on too closely, but the constant flow of explosive beats most certainly got my attention! It was dirty electro with funky breaks, and impossible not to dance to. It was trap with less emphasis on vocals and more on unique sounds and drops. So for me, it was a nice break from what I’m used to, and a fury of non stop face melting! The Librarian and Slowdjs absolutely blew up Fortune, and their crowd was full of sweat and full of love. When GHK Vol.12 arrives, I’ll be sure to be in attendance!

WORDS: Patrick Codere

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sylvia Tennant


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