SO MANY GOOSEBUMPZ! Interview with Aussie Glitch-Hop artist Goosebumpz

Goosebumpz hails from the beautiful east coast of warm and sunny Australia, and that’s likely the reason why his glitch-hop beats make you feel all warm and summery inside. He’s a live act, producer, independent label owner, and a highly respected member of the Australian bass community. He’s one of the most sought after artists in the international transformational festival circuit. He’s been making his mark and developing a huge fan base here in Canada as of late. I was lucky enough to catch his set for the first time at The Grove Stage at Shambhala Music Festival this summer with a good friend of mine and I’m glad I did (thanks for the intro Hendo).

With three Canadian tours behind him and now coming into his fourth run to Canada, he’s graced the stages of Western Canada’s most recognized transformational arts & music festivals such Astral Harvest, Bass Coast, Entheos Gathering, Motion Notion, Shambhala Music Festival and a string of smaller club shows in Alberta and BC. He’s also performed at well-known sound camps and art cars at Burning Man. I recently caught up with him for a chat before his show in Calgary hosted by Shuriken Sound at Gohan Sushi Bar and here’s what we talked about:

You’ve been coming to Canada for the last few years and we’re fortunate to have you here to expand our musical horizons.  This is your fourth tour now, welcome back! Where are your favorite places to play in Canada and why?  

Canada is a super fun place to play in general and it’s difficult to pick a favorite because they’ve all been very unique experiences. I especially love the summer festival circuit here and have had a blast playing at Shambhala, Bass Coast and Motion Notion. I think my sound is beginning to catch on a lot more these days and I find the festival circuit and party goers to be a lot more vibrant and receptive to my style compared to back home. You guys are definitely very open and I think the music scene is solely centred around fun and individuality…which I love.

How has coming across the pond to Canada opened up doors to new experiences for you as an artist?

For me as a producer I think it’s all about progressing with your music, especially in new places. Its been great meeting a lot of new amazing people, promoters, different artists and producers from around the world. My musical horizons have expanded and I’ve been exposed to lots of different styles of music which were previously new to me.  Canada has introduced me to genres like Ghetto Funk and the many different styles of bass music which have really grown on me. It’s been a great experience having the opportunity to come here and take it all in.


Have you found the Canadian audiences to be receptive to your originality and signature sound?

Definitely yeah. It’s the real reason I keep coming back to Canada to play. Canadians go hard and the reactions I get from my music feel really genuine. I’m definitely drawing new inspiration from my visits each time…such super fun and charged crowds! 

We’re interested to know where you draw your influences from?  Do you have a musical background?

I’ve never really been a great instrumentalist but I’ve always messed around with guitars, played drums in high school and played bass in a few bands growing up, but it wasn’t anything that I really pursued. I was mainly just mucking around having fun. I do have a good ear for pitch and melodies though and Im constantly finding myself just cruising around beatboxing (badly) and humming random tunes for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a creative approach to music for ages and especially long before I ever had any real technical knowledge of how to produce tunes.  


Who are some of your favorite producers at the moment and do you ever collaborate with any of them?

Ive only really written tunes with other Aussie producers like Mr. Bill and Staunch. I rarely collaborate with other artists, but my favourite producers are: Tipper, Opiuo, Culprate, Eprom, Spoonbill, VibesquaD, and guys like Circuit Bent who are a bit more underground but are really out there and experimental and were a huge inspiration for me when I was coming up in the Australian scene. Most of my favorites would have to be Aussie and Kiwi artists. 

If you could describe the Goosebumpz sound in a short sentence what would it be?

Eclectic, funky, fun original Glitch Hop you can get down to! 

And that we did kids!  All 300+ people who attended this event were smiles from ear to ear, going hard on the dance floor from beginning to end. Shuriken Sound, in partnership with I/O Productions YYC, produced a super tight party in a pop up space in the Gohan Sushi Lounge, where you can actually eat sushi off a woman.  This place is a photographers dream with so much colour and character, I was cheerfully surprised at how these crews transformed a sushi resto lounge into a sweet venue filled with good vibes!  I don’t eat sushi but I hear they have some of the best sushi in the #yyc.  With this event only being their fourth show, I say hats off to these guys for putting on a really great party. I’m already looking forward to the next one!  Check them out.

WORDS: Sean Hill


BANNER PHOTO: Rebecca Metamorphograph

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