Ineo Studios: Enhancing the Experience for Two Years & Counting!

My first rave brought with it my first taste of the modern psychedelic visuals which are a cornerstone of the electronic festival experience. It was a grainy, lo-fi mirrored and distorted image of Mat the Alien, headlining a small beach stage in the bush. At the time I had no idea the kind of visual revolutions that have been happening at major raves. All I had seen before were the ink-and-dye projections originated by the Acid Tests of the 1960s, which I had been lucky enough to experiment with in Junior High when we threw our own sock-hops.


But we were already into the HD era, and I knew we could do better. As initially drawn by the visual potential as the music (my hips got wise to this world on a considerable delay from my mind), Shambhala smashed open my expectations. What Beama and Rich E. Rich and everyone who has been developing rave visuals from the start had accomplished was already beyond the capabilities of my dreams. Cutting edge visuals, to me, are essential to the DJ experience, as much becuase it is nearly impossible to see the intricacies of a true performance (not to mention how easy that is to fake) as the most groundbreaking visuals make for the perfect accompaniment to the most groundbreaking music. When music producers are the stars, production is everything.


I was delighted, then, to discover that the cutting edge visuals taking festivals to the next level are also happening in bars and clubs. Independent animation, fractal colors and rhythmic imagery bring a tangible sense of that festival vibe that we ravers long for through the winter. We understand in the rave world the importance of speakers- if it isn’t running on Funktion-One or PK, we are dubious, and rightly so because future music mixed improperly is a recipe for ear-splitting pain. To me, being as visually discriminating as I am sonic, the projection equivalent for those organizations in Vancouver is Ineo Studios.

“Ineo” is the Latin word to describe entering into an experience, and since the ideas began percolating in Thadius Maximus’ head in 2012, the audio-visual collective has definitely experienced a lot. Running out of a large studio space in the city’s downtown east side, the constantly-expanding crew have come an extremely long way in a short time. In addition to crafting and projecting modern HD visuals, Ineo rent out studio space to other community artists, build event specific custom stages, promote their own major shows every other month and host legendary afterparties where one is guaranteed new friends and epic memories (whether you remember them or not).

From Stylust Beats to Mat the Alien to Opiuo and dozens in between, the Ineo crew have established themselves as a culture enriching institution in Vancouver, and their contributions to bass culture are only really beginning. The crew is celebrating its 2 year anniversary TONIGHT with Buku, Scrumb, Barlee, Konka, Greenskeeper and many more artists across multiple rooms. If you’re in the lower mainland, you owe it to yourself to check it out!


More event details here!

Words By: Jones     |     Photos& Vid By: Jim Vanderhorst

PS Here’s a sneak peak of what you guys are in for tonight… It’s gonna be GOOOOOD!

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