Mochipet set to release album ‘Psilocybin Samurai’ on 2/3/15

Mochipet returns to the world of Glitch-Hop to deliver a rich album of heavy psychedelic shuffle beats with unbounded worldly influences. Psilocybin Samurai is an intricately crafted fun driven dance album that only David Y Wang’s inner genius could mastermind. Imagine Kendrick Lamar rocking a Tumbi on  a day trip through Punjab, or Lil Jon trading his 808s to serenade a Koto in Kyoto, and you have just envisioned Mochipet’s otherworldly reemergence in the electronic music realm. The bass-centric release shatters musical boundaries through its fusion of hyphy tempos, cultural accenting and kaleidoscopic sampling. Made to enjoy with your favorite psychotropic side dishes, Psilocybin Samurai is guaranteed to be a mind-expanding good time for your auditory sense as well as your intellect!

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