Best of BC: Year of the Wolf

Over some casual beers a while back, well…I was most likely drinking wine, but that’s besides the point, my friend Brian aka Pickle told me that I had to check out this insanely great band that should be way bigger than they are. Pickle told me these guys were going to go far and reassured me I wouldn’t be wasting my time. A few days later my pal Jimmy and I clambered up the weathered staircase of the Railway Club and settled into an evening of debauchery, rock and roll and one hell of a time.

Year of the Wolf is a Vancouver based band taking influences from multiple genres that span the gamut.  But in laymen’s terms they fucking rock. And not just the showy flail around the stage kind of rock (although their good at that too). Year of the Wolf can write a damn song. Like really write one. The lyrics and composition seamlessly flow from one song to the next, integrating elements of rock, blues and old style country. And let me tell you, these guys captured my attention from the moment they got on stage. It actually reminded me of my reaction to Reign Wolf a few years back. I was floored. Coincidentally they both have ‘wolf’ in their name. When a wolf howls, you listen. Point taken.

With one EP completed and another production underway, Year of the Wolf should find their way onto your next playlist. I’m not joking. Sit down and listen to these guys play. You’re going to like what you hear. You can catch them in Vancouver and I would recommend that to grab some friends and head down to their next show. Check out their music by visiting or their Facebook page.

– Betty

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