Review: Stacks On Festival – Melbourne, Australia – Jan 4 2015

On my last day in Melbourne I was fortunate enough to hit up a local festival put on by Culture Jam, called Stacks On Festival, held on January 4th at CERES Environment Park in Melbourne, Australia. For its 5th year running this festival boasted of epic beats, circus acts, amazing décor, art, and beautiful people… and they did not disappoint!

I knew things would go smoothly as soon as I stood in the entry line up because I could see the head maestro of the festival, Mr. Michael Scarlett, standing at the door greeting festival-goers as they approached. When the man in charge is at the gate- you know things are going to go smoothly.

Normally I would try to give big-ups to as many DJs as possible but I felt like the most substantial part about this festival was not in the specifics, but in its entirety. Stacks On was alive, it was its own living, breathing entity.


Let me attempt to paint you a picture. The grounds of the festival were decorated from top to bottom with what was obviously a loving touch. Monkeys hung from branches, scarves floated in the wind and prayer flags were draped between the trees. Around every turn there was some type of art installation, women painting, women being painted and secret hideouts high atop the trees.

I knew this party was all about play, being free, and having fun as soon as I stepped in and was greeted with a bouncy castle. When I approached the main stage I looked to the right and saw toys of all shapes and sizes for patrons to use: hula-hoops, poi, a slackline and even a slinky! I was in an adult never-never land as I picked up a hoop and started jamming.

The party had two stages, one main stage, the Bounce Stage, and one garden stage, Daydream. I spent most of my time at the Bounce Stage dancing the night away to BEAT FATIGUE, , Rhythmik and BC’s own JPOD the Beat Chef. Of course, JPOD was definitely the highlight of my night, once again my four Canadian friends and I danced front and centre enjoying every wobbly baseline he could throw at us.


Throughout the festival I would constantly take a moment to look around at the other beautiful souls that shared this experience with me. Every time I stopped to take a peak I would see smiling faces, silly costumes, beautiful make up and open hearts. In fact, there was one moment during JPod’s set where I met eyes with a tall stranger that I knew could really see me. The party was magical, the night was magical, and I thank everyone who was involved in making it the best last day in Melbourne a girl could ask for.

WORDS: Kalisi

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ellen Duffy Photography

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