Music Monday – Beats of BC: LaBidos

The amount of talent based in this province of ours is overwhelmingly immense. Admittedly, my opinion might be bias, but no matter how much time passes, there are more BC based artists that show up on the old music-dar than from those based elsewhere. I’d like to pay homage to the incredible roster of talent stemming from BC in a weekly post titled ‘Beats of BC.’

This week I’d like to introduce LaBidos, a band that immediately caught my attention within the first ten seconds of hearing the song ‘Tidal Wave.’ This is a band I can only hope to catch live within the near future and find solace in the fact that they live in the same city as me. Soulful is the adjective that comes to mind when listening to LaBidos’s album, infused with folk, surf rock, blues, Latin and world music.

Adam and Matt are brothers. LaBidos is a term used to describe “The happening, the drive, the mojo, the real thing that moves you”. They are based out of Vancouver, Canada. Both were born and raised in Toronto where their father owns the drum shop, Soul Drums. The heartbeat of their sound is something you will feel from these two dynamic entertainers influenced by Toronto’s drum community.

They actually grew up in seperate homes on opposite sides of tracks but music and a healthy vision brought them to Vancouver and now they live in Kitsilano being creative everyday. Booking them to play any size stage is easy. Their setup can be as simple as a guitar, cajon (box drum), along with their inspirational vocal sound. They can also be a full band when in need, hiring additional performers – The LaBidos sound is soulful with elements of R&B, world, folk, than glued together using popular songwriting arrangements – Adam is the leader, an experienced singer/songwriter who also plays the role of recording engineer/producer in the studio. Matt plays the drums with a passion for photography and video. Adam has spent time traveling and working in different music projects over the years. He has written for Tourism Vancouver, Nissan Canada, and even the Top 40 radio hit, Summer Vibes. LaBidos make videos and record in their home studio. Touring is on the horizon, having just finished recording hours of original material. Aside from making records and videos, LaBidos focus on healthy living by eating good food and staying active. They inspire others by sharing their story and proving that anyone can overcome lifes challenges.

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  1. We love you too! Adam, LaBidos

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