“DO IT WITH SOUL” New Label Launched Today!

Canadian based DJ/Producer The Gaff has made a brand new label entitled “Do It With Soul”. Created to showcase some of the world’s finest PARTY-ROCKIN DJ and Producer edits, remixes, and blends of classic soul and funk material. WORD!

Check out the first track of this glorious new label a remix of Stevie Wonder’s classic track “I wish” OUT NOW!

West Coast Wishin’ is what you get after The Gaff goes to a Stevie Wonder ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ Concert in Toronto, comes home and accesses the multi tracks of “I Wish”, blends it with Ronnie Hudson’s “West Coast Poppin” and brings the Funk Bone with a few hidden records & slammin drums mixed in for good measure.

Keep your eye on this new little gem we hope you enjoy!

❤ B and K


1 Comment on “DO IT WITH SOUL” New Label Launched Today!

  1. Hey Betty & Kora ! This is cool – just FYI The GAFF is performing this Saturday at the Owl Dec 27 for the Shambahala Home Series (#10)


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