Return of the Ice Queen Brings Opiuo and All the Feels!

It was the kind of party where it takes you a solid hour to hug everybody you know.




There is a reason why Cumberland is the second most popular stop on Vancouver Island for artists on the rise, and it’s not population, this tiny hamlet has been cultivated by years of keen talent grooming and thoughtful community relations by the Cumberland Village Works and Little Island Crews. The people of the Comox Valley have faith in the taste of this coalition and that faith was rewarded massively to all who attended last night’s spectacle. The Wax Candy crew proved why they have emerged as one of BC’s most exciting visual companies in just over a year, transforming the community gym where we all learned to rock climb as kids into a beautiful village rave.  ‘Return of the Ice Queen’ was the year ending extravaganza from the combined forces that launched Atmosphere Gathering. These crews have taken risk after risk to create spaces for locals to express themselves that are toplined by world class artists, and this show was no exception.


New Zealand-born live music producer OPIUO brought it in a way that made for the perfect cap to a bold and risk-filled year for the local arts community curators. He finished off a night of spectacular dance and fire performances with such fervor and energy that none of the three hundred-plus audience could ever have guessed the man was battling illness and exhaustion following a massive sold out tour all over Western Canada. The Naked DJs set the tone with a wide variety of glitchy, funky jams, and Opiuo took it to the next level with a live performance mixed together with a drum pad programmed to release stems on cue, creating a unique live performance of a kind our culture is just beginning to understand.
All in all the night was a smashing success! Big ups to the dedicated team of Cumberland Village Works, Wax Candy and Little Island Production who can’t stop won’t stop bringing the fun, love, culture, arts, and
community vibe to the tiny little kick-ass  village of Cumberland, BC. We love you.
Take a peak at our photos!
Words By: Leonardo Jones   | Photos By: Kora ❤

1 Comment on Return of the Ice Queen Brings Opiuo and All the Feels!

  1. no matter how you word it , cumberland is a shithole

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