Let’s Go Dancing! + New November Mix From DJ SOUP <3

Here’s what we suggest you do:

1) DOWNLOAD THIS SICK MIX FROM DJ SOUP AND START GETTING STOKED! (Yes there is a spontaneous dance party happening right now at B and K headquarters while we blast this DISCOFARI delight!)

2) Snag yourself a ticket for Vancouver’s newest must attend event “Let’s Go Dancing”

3) COME DANCE WITH US!!!!!!!!!! 

This will be an epic evening dedicated to the hazy late night summer adventures of past; where friends gather on the dance floor with music that resonates and connects. Let’s keep it simple…. LET’S GO DANCING!


( Nelson | Shambhala & Pagoda )

& Friends:

( Vancouver | Pizza & Cats )

MATÉO | Ma’am
( Vancouver | Slowdjs.com & MA’AM )

( Nelson | Pickles & Beard )

Our friends from Shambhala Music Festival, The Pagoda Stage and Puff are helping make this event a dream come true.

Tix available from one of the above fine DJs & or at PUFF.

Doors 9pm | 19+

See ya’ll on the dance floor!

❤ B and K

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