The Funk Hunters present “The Detour Podcast” #06 – OUT TODAY!

Welcome The Detour. Your new favourite podcast!

Vancouver based electronic duo, The Funk Hunters, have taken a break from producing in the studio and their hectic international tour schedule to return to their roots – the long lost art that got them into the music world to begin with – good old fashioned mixtape making where track selection and the art of the mix is key.

The Funk Hunters

The Funk Hunters

The Detour Podcast combines music from a mix of genres, creating a sexy, chill, soulful, and funky story beautifully strung together for your listening pleasure. Showcasing the duos varied music tastes the 6th podcast OUT NOW features artists such as San Francisco’s electronic darling – Giraffage, rising French Producer – 20syl as well as Miguel MigsSnakehipsFeaturecast, & FKJ.

Curated by Duncan Smith and Nick Middleton, the series is released bimonthly, reaching over 150,000 plays on Soundcloud and over 5,000 subscribers on iTunes. “The Detour is a departure from our dance floor orientated mixtapes; it’s a worldwide snapshot of music handpicked to move your mind, body, and soul.” says Middleton. The tracks are hand-selected by the avant garde pair – who create the mixtapes with no regard for rules or limitations. Whether you’re driving in your car, making dinner with your lady, or having a spontaneous living room dance party, The Detour makes the perfect soundtrack to your everyday life.


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We hope you enjoy! xo B and K





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