Track of the Day: Mumford & Sons- Where Are You Now? (MARK CHILL Remix)

Coming off his first release, a remix of a Sam Smith cover of a Whitney Houston song which charted at #21 on the Hype Machine’s most popular remix list, MARK CHILL is adamant about bringing forward an amazing song that the masses haven’t yet experienced rather than spring boarding from a well-known single.

It seemed like destiny when—while flipping through the channels—Mark happened upon a Mumford & Sons performance featuring one of his father’s favorite musicians, Emmylou Harris. Moved by their performance of “Where Are You Now,” Mark knew instantly that it was a song he would one day remix.

Mark states, “The message behind that song is so real; adaptable to most everyone. Who doesn’t think of a lover from the past once in a while and wonder when, how often, or even if you ever cross their minds at all? I just wanted to make the music around the song a little more happy, less serious and, well… more chill.”


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