Isobel Trigger: Interview + Track of the Day

Victoria based alt-pop/rock band, Isobel Trigger, who recently released their brand new EP, Nocturnal, are back from their fall tour with REND, that saw the band play 12 dates across BC and AB.

2014 has been an exciting year for Isobel Trigger, this past April they were recognized as ‘Band of the Month’ by The Zone 9.13, released their brand new EP, and they have also played some respected music festivals including Rock The Royal (a showcase of Victoria’s nine top talents), Tall Tree Music Festival, Rifflandia Music Festival, and also headlined Smithers Midsummer Music Festival.

Lauren from B & K managed to catch Ariel and Felicia (drums and vocals/synth, respectively) on some down time and picked their brain regarding the tour, their whirlwind summer, and what’s next for Isobel Trigger in 2015!

Q: It’s been an exciting few months for the band, your first label release Nocturnal is out, you’ve just finished up a substantial tour of B.C and Alberta, and you announced the winner of the ‘Tiger Shark’ remix competition! How is everybody feeling off the back of all this success so far?

Ariel: I feel ready to start working on more song writing and keep the momentum going!

Felicia: Totally – I was already writing lyrics in the car! Tour was really inspiring and there was a lot of down time (HOURS of driving) to think and plan. Now it’s time for action!

Q: The tour wrapped up on October 5th, was the audience response what you were hoping for? What kind of feedback did Nocturnal and Isobel Trigger receive across the West Coast & Alberta?

Ariel: The tour was amazing and overall we had great feedback from the audience. In terms of audience engagement during our show I think it depends a lot on what kind of room it is. If it’s a sit down pub with lots of tables and chairs then the audience response is going to be a lot lower energy than an audience who is standing in front of the stage. Either way, we received a lot of positive feedback every night on our tour which fuels us to do more.

Felicia: I felt we were very well received for a first tour! It was fortunate that we got to tour with another band (REND) that had a good cross over in terms of fan-reach. They helped us get some great shows in Alberta including a phenomenal show at The Starlite room in Edmonton (their home town)! We also became good friends!

Q: Life on the road can be tricky, what lessons did you learn as a band?

Ariel: Being on tour is a lot of fun but it’s hard to keep healthy on the road. I would say the most important thing is to try and sleep enough, eat healthy, and get exercise when you can.

Felicia: Communication is key! Interpersonal relations can be tough to navigate in a confined space when people are tired and there are places to be! You’ve got to look out for each other and try to help each other out when you can. If someone seems down, try and pick them up. Positivity and patience are worth their weight in gold on tour.IsobelTrigger_PromoPhoto3

Q: Isobel Trigger played a few festivals this summer, the most recent being Rifflandia, what are the band’s festival highlights?

Ariel: I think as a show, Rifflandia was definitely the highlight. That was probably my favourite show of the year so far. As for experience, when we played REOfest, we were able to go white water river rafting the next day as part of our artist package. It was a really incredible experience and so fun.

Felicia: I agree with Ariel but for me the highlight was our first “fly-date” to headline Midsummer Music Fest with The Pack AD in Smithers! We got to play twice; the evening show was killer, the crowd was out of this world and danced like I’ve never seen! After the daytime show we had the cutest group of little girl fans! They all wanted to start a band and to have their hair braided like me! Ahhh it warmed my heart 😉

Q: You are performing at The Zone’s Band of the Month showcase in November since you were awarded Band of the Month this past April, for readers who may be thinking of coming along to an Isobel Trigger show, what’s the drawcard?

Ariel: As a band we are performers. We are not just going to play our instruments, are going to put on a show. We rock out and dance. At the same time.

Felicia: Every show we make an effort to top ourselves and make it the best show we’ve ever played! All of us love to dance and interact with the crowd.

Q: The remix competition for both ‘Dust and Bones and ‘Tiger Shark’ must have been an exciting process for the band, what lead you to winners Rough Child and DJ Jonnas Roy?

Felicia: It was so hard to choose! The selection process was intensive. We had a ton of great submissions from all over the world. In the end, Rough Child and Jonnas Roy stood out with exceptional production quality as well as great arranging and groove. We really wanted tracks that DJs could use in clubs that echoed our sound and these two covered all the bases.

Q: What can fans expect from Isobel Trigger in 2015?

Ariel: A new music video, new songs, more tour dates, and more festivals.

Felicia: Yeah! We’re booking a national tour in the Spring and applying to festivals as we speak. Having lots of fun writing the next album.

Check out ‘Tiger Shark’ by Isobel Trigger as our Track of the Day!


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