Real Talk with the (unofficial) Envision Festival Ambassador, Brie.

If you want see art being created before your eyes… if you want to watch a very gifted dancer move to the music you love most… while being just a few sandy steps away from the beach… in the middle of the jungle… then this place is for you.

Kora had the chance to catch up with two-time Envision Festival attendee Brie Laboucane. After speaking with her I think it’s safe to say that Envision is an absolute MUST-attend festival of 2015. When asked about her Envision experience, here’s what she had to say about:


The Envision Community:

The community at Envision is so supportive, so loving, and so nurturing, you won’t find any false friends or any superficiality. You’re invited to meet on common ground based on something you really believe in… a lifestyle, a way, a wonder, a wanderlust. It’s a very real, authentic, compassionate and exciting place. The love in the Envision community is infectious! You need to experience it to understand it.

It’s easy to find a really good party but you won’t find the resonant deep-in-your-belly, knowing-that-you-belong feeling from just any old festival.


 Dancing Under The Stars:

How do I begin to explain this… Because the festival is put on by so many creative people, there’s all these layered elements of artistic expression. From lights to sound to stages, to performances, and live art… and there’s the music – of course. The Envision creative team skillfully crafts the perfect environment for dance floor connections. The faces on the dance floor that you smiled at through your legs doing downward dog in a yoga workshop a few hours before are all found smiling back at you again under the stars dancing in the moonlight.


The Music:

Imagine the best of the best of the international music scene, both mainstream and underground, stripped of its pretention, the club atmosphere, and the douchebags (*cough)… Substitute the unsavoury with a bunch of Function One state-of-the-art sound systems resonating through traveler’s hearts, and get ready to throw down in the jungle with muddy feet and sweat dripping from your brow. Celebrate the joy of movement where the sound is carefully and consciously engineered to raise your vibration to the level of enlightenment. Sound is the science, Music is the art, and they come together seamlessly at Envision.


 The Adventures:

Zip lining, waterfalls, surf, IT’S ALL AMAZING. Even if you don’t go very far from the festival your going to see tucans, sloths, and monkeys playing as hard as you are, and butterflies bigger than your face. The waterfalls are refreshing and hold a cleansing and healing energy that can’t be explained but can only be experienced. There are Eco-tours all around the area; you can choose to explore the jungle on foot or via, my personal favorite, the zip line. If you’re in Costa Rica, live it up and see the sights. West coast pacific surf. Enough said.


The Art and Culture:

How do you separate art and culture from the whole of what’s happening there? It IS art and the result is a creation of a culture that’s revolutionary, evolutionary, “envisionary.” It’s ahead of the curve, it’s fresh, and it’s what the world needs. It’s a health conscious festival. It’s good for you inside and out. Amazing organic food consciously and lovingly prepared. Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki… Healing garden… The lush jungle with all its growth and potential creates a platform for people to express themselves, to play, to create, and to support each other in doing so. Envision is a canvas and you are allowed – no, encouraged – to use all the colors. What will you create?


The Glorious Workshops:

If you’d like to fill your mental library with the most incredible volumes of spiritual, practical, and biological knowledge, Envision is a REALLY GOOD place to go. You’ll leave Envision informed of issues that we are facing socially, globally, environmentally, and personally. You’ll be introduced to solutions and you’ll have a chance to practice them. Whether that means doing yoga, or building something out of cobb (a combination of mud, straw and sand), or learning to apply more sustainable practices in your urban life, you will leave Envision a better human. They will show you how. GO. Learn.


And Why YOU Should Go:

The experience of the festival is grounding, primal, aboriginal, and profoundly human. It connects you to the earth, to yourself, and to a higher purpose. It reminds you of who you are and inspires you to be your best.

It’s a community of the most amazingly loving humans, gathered together and willing to support each other in doing what’s good for their souls. Envision only attracts the most spirited individuals. Come. Be yourself. Meet the family.


HUGE Thanks to Brie for sharing a some of her amazing experience and thoughts on Envision Festival with us.

Still not convinced… WATCH THIS!

The festival just announced the first musical headliner, The Polish Ambassador, the world’s funkiest diplomat, with the rest of the lineup to be released soon. Past Envision headliners include Beats Antique, Tipper, Alex Grey, Nahko and Medicine for the People,Emancipator, Rising Appalachia, Papadosio, Rootz Underground, Midnite,The Lucent Dossier Experience, Quixotic, Random Rab, and Costa Rican favorite Sonámbulo.

This is your official invite from Betty and Kora. Start planning. Let’s Go.

❤ B and K

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