FozzyFest: WE LOVE YOU! – Article, Photos and Stop Motion Film

FozzyFest, held west of Grasmere B.C. on beautiful Lake Koocanusa, just 40 minutes outside of Fernie B.C.,  was the perfect summer closer for B and K’s festival express tour across North America. Originating in Calgary Alberta and in it’s 10th year (and only 2nd at Lake Koocanusa) the festival was forced to change locations due to last year’s epic floods; such a challenge is a true festival’s right of passage.


The new location now unites two provinces and one rad party! Even after covering 17 festivals this summer there was still some surprises left out there for us to discover. These points summarize all the awesome things we found out: the line-up was full of up-and-comers, some unknowns and many beloved acts, the location, which turned out to be one our favorites, and the undeniably awesome vibe that is Fozzy.

FozzyFest is a poised to be on the Betty and Kora circuit for many summers to come.


“As a first timer I was incredibly impressed with the hospitality provided by FozzyFest; furthermore, the absence of ego and judgements. Everyone was on the same level which resulted in the best vibes in one of the best locations”

–       Flavours (Artist)

Flavours playing The Forest Stage. Photo Cred: Cody Simon

Flavours playing The Forest Stage. Photo Cred: Cody Simon

The Music.

Attending FozzyFest for the first time, the lineup was truly impressive. Hand selected by Adam “digaBoo” Bradley (an integral member of the FozzyFest team, and a party kid at heart) There was rarely a moment where we weren’t going ape over the music… Adam you KILLED IT!

“My goal is bring a good flavour of old skool favourites with a mix of new talent to help bring what FozzyFest has represented over the past 10 years. The 100+ Canadian and international DJs, hip hop artists and performers combine with the hard working Fozzy Family and volunteers proves what FozzyFest truly is to me: a big city festival, with that hometown family vibe.”

– Adam “digaBoo” Bradley (Talent Acquisition, Fozzy Fest) 


Adam “digaBoo” Bradley and Kora

With notable acts such as Marten Horger, SkiiTour, JPOD, Long Walk Short Dock, Bobby C, Bad Company and The Gaff, there was no shortage of raging dance parties happening all weekend long. Some up-and-comers which left a lasting impression on us we’re Hertz Donut, Flavours and Gnarcotics, all adding their spice to the Fozzy mix. It was refreshing to see female acts on the bill such as Ninjette putting a stamp on the festival in a sometimes male-dominated environment.

Hertz Donut Photo Cred: Cody Simon

Hertz Donut
Photo Cred: Cody Simon

We were happy to see our good old friend PK Sound had beat us to the rave. Always reliable in ensuring the stages are blasting crystal clear, with extra loud beats off of every tree branch, sand grain, and fist pump in sight. SHOUT OUT TO THE WORLDS BEST SPEAKERS!

SkiiTour  Photo Cred: Cody Simon

Photo Cred: Cody Simon

Location Location Location.

Photo Cred: Sandy Rossignol

Photo Cred: Sandy Rossignol

Lake Koocanusa had it all.  Nestled in a verdant forest created natural shady infrastructure for campers, and the backdrop for the festivals beautiful stages. White sand beaches surrounding the outer perimeter of the forest held in the refreshing, crystal blue water,  these grounds we’re basically every festival-goers dream come true. There was plenty of prime real estate with gorgeous lake views to go around. #RealkTalk, if your budget allows forget about the RV, brush up on your knot tying skills, get your captains hat off the dashboard and onto your HOUSEBOAT! (Hot tub and water slide included.)


Water Slindin' at its finest! #BettyOnFire  Photo Cred: Cody Simon

Water Slindin’ at its finest! #BettyOnFire
Photo Cred: Cody Simon

The Vibe.


Photo Cred: Cody Simon

First and foremost the entire Fozzy Family was incredibly welcoming, helpful and hospitable. We didn’t see a single fight and attendees all seemed to be on a similar wavelength.  Although security we’re present it felt as though they weren’t needed due to everyone’s awesome attitudes, and all around stoke in being there. The fact that the festival had no beer garden but did permit open alcohol (with the exception of  glass) made the vibe feel more like a glorious camping trip in the forest with your friends with a couple of exceptional added bonuses. The art and stages we’re simple yet beautiful: The Forest, The Beach and the Crystal Cave were all well placed in this magical land of Fozzy.

The Forest Stage Photo Cred: Cody Simon

The Forest Stage
Photo Cred: Cody Simon

We didn’t make new friends at FozzyFest but instead we added another exceptional group of incredible humans to our Betty and Kora festival FAMILY.  Because it’s never really the places you go but rather the people you meet that make a festival like this So. Much. Fun. Fozzy Fest, you radiate positivity, Betty and Kora love you, X2 DOUBLE-HIGH KICKS from us to you. ❤

Fozzy Family Photo!

Fozzy Family Photo! Photo Cred: Sandy Rossignol

Words by Kora ❤

Check out our Stop Motion Film created by Sandy Rossignol!

All photos were taken by Cody Simon, Sandy Rossignol, Betty and Kora.


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  1. lookin like u were havin great big FUN, awesome Spot! had to come to BC

  2. Awesome article! Was nice meeting you.

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