Review & Gallery: Otalith Music Festival- Ucluelet & Tofino- August 22-23, 2014

Immediately after stepping foot on the old recreation hall/ seaplane base fields in Ucluelet, BC, you can’t help but think “Holy Macanoli, look at all of these attractive humans!” From the cutest two-year olds ever invented, to the hottie behind the pulled pork stand, you are mesmerized by the excessive attractiveness these west coasters exude. This was the second year Otalith Music Festival has been up and running, and if I may say so, it gets better with age- as do the venues. This year the organizers added shows in Tofino (Tofino Brewery & Coho Room), in addition to the previous years venue in Ucluelet.

The festival began on Friday with a kickoff BBQ at Shelter restaurant with a band by the name of Author –two brothers that completely stole the hearts of every female in that festival. Friday was a party, but Saturday was where the people blossomed into the ‘bestival’ goers they needed to be. Saturday began with a girl who goes by the moniker Scouts, she was earthy and people were into it.

Freedom Pony was one of the few bands that rocked our hearts two years in a row. They are a local band full of spunk, dapper good looks, and a sound that could literally rip your pants off of your love-struck body. Carmanah played, and as usual, started the barefoot dance party that continued into the early Sunday morning hours. Just as the sun had set upon the Otalith crowd, a few local artists began performing fire poi and hula-hooping within the mass of listeners. It only added to the great vibes and creative atmosphere that Otalith is. This festival, in a few kind words, is a family-friendly, west-coast-lovin’, camping-in-your-van kinda party. It suits everyone that digs local talent, amazing food, and supporting his or her communities.

WORDS & GALLERY: Annie Wallace

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