Spark Notes for WMNSTUDIES


I cornered Nathan (AKA the man behind one of Vancouver’s best and brightest tropical/nuDisco/house DJs WMNSTUDIES) at the Electric Owl last week during the latest WHITENOISE music showcases. Leather couches, green room beers and a host of buzzing party animals about, I kept our Q&A simple. My aim, to give a brief and sincere snapshot of a legendary and up-and-coming party facilitator.


Favourite colour: Orange (the colour of conversation)

Mantra: Never let an opportunity pass you by

On his playlist: Zeds Dead and DJ Shadow

Last night’s Dinner: A Whitespot Triple O Bacon Cheese Burger

Born: Hong Kong

Inspired by: The hunt for new sounds and melodies

Plays: Bass

Goal for the year: Tour Europe


WMNSTUDIES alongside Pat Lok and Momantix, if you aren’t already aware, host Vancouver’s premier spin-showcase every month at the Electric Owl. Each edition of WHITENOISE gathers talented DJ’s and producers from across the continent with the sole aim of creating a bigger and better party then any other. Mission accomplished. The likes of Rainer & Grimm, Moon Boots and the French Express, Lane 8 — among many others, have all participated in WHITENOISE. In honesty, it is nothing short of remarkable that the biggest names in electronic music have welcomed the invitation to perform in Vancouver, an admittedly grunge/indie music city with a reputation of being a tad stuck-up, and in doing so continue to cement an incredibly vibrant — albeit small — EDM scene.

Take my word for it, as a recent entry to this private party, WHITENOISE is easily one of this city’s best nights out, and WMNSTUDIES is one of its best hosts.

WMNSTUDIES plays tonight at the Waldorf’s grand re-opening party. Be there.

Here is a little party music to get you in the mood, see you at the Waldorf.


–the Lion-at-large





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