Preview: Zero Point Festival-Dance Your Dreams Awake

Betty and Kora are stoked to support Zero Point Festival, Las Vegas’s First Transformational Gathering. Taking place September 26-28, 2014, at the Delphi amphitheatre 45 min south of the Las Vegas strip, Zero Point has styled itself as a hyper interactive gathering encompassing music, art, and spiritual stimulation.


Boasting something for everybody, the festival intends to be a space with Yoga, Qi Gong and Spiritual Masters by day- and a safe staging ground for dance music by night. Headlining this year’s event and playing across two stages powered by solar energy are Mark Farina, Andreilien, AnTenNae, and Desert Dwellers– supported of course by a plethora of local artists and DJs. If you didn’t get a chance to make it to Burning Man this year (or simply want to relive that magic) there will also be art structures and art cars present from the Burn at the Zero Point gathering.


The most impressive element to Zero Point Festival, and the one we are most intrigued about is the enhancement of the natural energy in the amphitheatre provided through a technological innovation known as the EESystem. The Energy Enhancement System emits energy fields that have been proven to enhance cellular regeneration, improve immune systems and energy levels, as well as promote healing and much more. Connecting with, and harnessing the raw energy the Delphi offers and using it to manifest your desires is what Zero Point is all about. By the sounds of things, definitely not an experience to be missed!

For tickets and more information head to the Zero Point website and Facebook event.

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