The Official Betty and Kora Shambhala 2014 Recap Video

The Pagoda

Shambhala Music Festival should be on everyone’s bucket list. Held annually in beautiful Salmo B.C., this year was one for the record. Exclusively produced for, Jim Vanderhorst from Rebel Cause Films in association with Dank Films are the visual geniuses behind this incredible recap. Special thanks to the entire Shambhala team, Britz Bitz, The Confluence Group, Pigeon Hole and anyone else who made this possible.

Betty and Kora truly love you.

Now buy your ticket to Shambhala 2015.

2 Comments on The Official Betty and Kora Shambhala 2014 Recap Video

  1. Hi!
    I think you probably got the best footage of our proposal! My best friend Hammer was supposed to get it but flailed and only got the last 5 seconds of it.
    Your recap video is really awesome and I would sure love to see whatever footage you have of the proposal.
    Thanks and have a great day!
    Jon and Cherie

  2. Seriously great video! Met you on the Ferry, Said I’d see you at the Jaguar Lounge but, my beautiful stranger, Shambhala sunk its teeth in and wouldn’t let go, a slave to the bass and sucker for those sweet, sweet sounds that pushed deep into my soul.
    There’s always next year, but I can’t say that I won’t get lost again, Because who are we kidding, That’s half the fun.

    – Alex

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