Shambhala Officially Sold Out!

As of Friday, August 1st, the 17th Annual Shambhala Music Festival has officially met their target of 10,000 tickets sold. Of course they’re ecstatic and excited to have so many beautiful people from all over the world come and dance with them on the Farm, but for those of you still on the fence, they’ve got some good news. Based on festival preparations–which are going fantastically well–they’ve decided to release an additional 1,000 tickets, to be sold online through the weekend and at the gate starting Tuesday, August 5th.

“We’re feeling really excited about this year’s festival,” says Jimmy Bundschuh, SMF’s original founder. “With the addition of the new and expanded Grove stage, our extremely dialed safety, first aid, waste, and food and beverage programs, we’re feeling really confident about expanding our capacity. Our staff represents some of the most professional and experienced in the industry and it feels good to be able to share that with the growing number of people who want to come to Shambhala. Oh yeah, we also bought a bunch more port-a-poties.”

As one of the longest running EDM festivals in North America, it must feel really good to be both selling out and growing in a climate where the music festival scene is really exploding, especially in British Columbia. “It’s awesome that the festival scene is growing in B.C.,” continues Bundschuh. “It’s a great tourism draw for local communities, and a significant employer to boot. We can’t wait to turn the music on this Thursday.”

With what has been referenced by media and fans alike as one of the best electronic music line-ups of the summer, rest assured, for four solid days in the West Kootenay wilderness, the music is going to be Really Good!

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