Rock The Shores Music Festival Opens Gates Tomorrow!

Rock The Shores, one of North America’s only true-to-the-roots rock and roll music festivals in Colwood B.C. opens its gates on Friday, July 11, 2014. The three day one stage festival boasts a lengthy list of iconic and modern rock bands that have not only changed music history but continue to progress rock music worldwide. Major buzz surrounding rock history greats Tom Cochrane with Red Rider, The Cult, Loverboy and 54-40 compounded with Gord Downie, Our Lady Peace, The Wallflowers, Mother Mother and so many more, Rock The Shores is a stand-alone musical experience that should be commended on taking a firm stance on keeping it strictly rock and roll.

The media team from Betty and Kora will be bringing you up-to-date coverage from Rock The Shores all weekend long. Stay tuned for our feature story next week, and if you’re on the fence about attending the festival this weekend we highly suggest you pack your backpack and tie your shoes tight. You’re about to get educated in rock music history.

See you there.

– Betty


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