Tall Tree Music Festival – In Photos Part 1.

Here’s a glimpse of all the magic that happened this past weekend at Tall Tree Music Festival!  All of these photos we’re taken with the AMAZING HITCASE. Stay tuned, for more photos, our write up and some EPIC interviews!

Photos by: Kora  ❤

2 Comments on Tall Tree Music Festival – In Photos Part 1.

  1. Hey ladies, the Jaguar lounge was awesome. You rocked it. I fully enjoyed the time I spent there. You have inspired me for the festivals yet to come. I’m hoping you can help me find someone. I met Chris on Fri & Sat but was unable to remember where he was living at the fest. He said he spent a lot of time at your lounge so I’m hoping you know him. He’s pretty tall and very good looking (but it seems that could be said for everyone at the Jaguar lounge.) Blue eyes and I think he said he lives in Vancouver. Anyways, If you know who I’m talking about maybe you could let him know I’d like to get in contact with him. Thanks for everything. I’ll be looking for you at the next festival. Cheers, Taryn

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