The Official Tall Tree Teaser‏

Tall Tree Music Festival is well into its toddlerhood, and will be trading in its crayons and play dough for big lights, bigger speakers and very adult situations next weekend in Port Renfrew. Five years running and bigger and better then ever before, Tall Tree will boast three full days of artists from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Now is the time to get your head in the trees, and to help we’ve got all the teasers and tidbits for this year, including some new things you’ll find for 2014.

This year called for a bigger and brand new main stage, a 1000+ electronic tent, tons of new art installations, chill-out hammocks strung throughout the forest, showers and an ATM on-site, as well as a fully equipped harm-reduction team that will always be on hand to keep you and your party-loving buddies safe and healthy. Of course don’t forget about the Betty & Kora Jaguar lounge, providing an ample hangout spot and gathering place for festers and artists alike. If that’s not enough, I’ve been told from reputable sources on the organizing team that there will be loads of mind blowing secret activities going on around the grounds all weekend, so keep sharp.

Tall Tree Lineup Poster

Things will start kicking off this Thursday night (June 26th) for early entry, expect a pretty raging time in camp, Naked DJs are rumoured to be a facet of this party, and I’m expecting a wild jam session turned moon-howling dance party to be a likely outcome.

Couple things to remember: there is no cell reception (consider it a nice break from your social media obsession,) bring your ID (obviously,) and make sure you have enough gas in your tank to get you back to Lake Cowichan or Sooke, quarter tank will be plenty.


Thieves, Tall Tree Stage @ 12:30
The new incarnation of Victoria’s Jets Overhead have been keeping their project under tight lock and key, I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m very excited to hear what they have to play. Brand new music to kick off the weekend. Perfect.

WMNSTUDIES, Tall Tree Stage @ 3:30
This Vancouver DJ has never disappointed, spinning a bit of funk, soul and dirty beats into his signature sparkly house mixes. I expect a lot of clothes to come off, and stay off for the afternoon, at this one.

Head of the Herd, Tall Tree Stage @ 8:30
What more could you want for sunset? Smokey, sexy and sharp,  the boys and girls of Head of the Herd are much anticipated this year. I’m pretty sure these guys feel more at home on stage then any other up-and-comer I’ve seen, get your squad here and boogie the sun out of the sky.
Dan Mangan & Blacksmith, Tall Tree Stage @ 10:45
It’s Dan Mangan, and he’s been working on a new album, what more do you need me to say? Don’t get confused with the new moniker, Dan is just giving some cred to the rest of the band – AKA – Blacksmith.



Bestie, Tall Tree Stage @ 4:30
East Vancouver’s biggest fruit lovers and masters at light-hearted surfy tropical riffs are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I suggest many of you get your pineapple and banana costumes ready.

Jon & Roy, Tall Tree Stage @ 8:30
This is about as appropriate an act as any for a Vancouver Island festival overlooking the Pacific ocean, and I’m sure you’re all familiar with Jon & Roy. I haven’t been following these guys too much as of late, so I’m excited to get a couple new ones stuck in my head for the summer.

The Dudes, Tall Tree Stage @ 10:45
Alberta boys and radio darlings, The Dudes will be trucking their beards out to Port Renfrew and I expect nothing short of awesome. These guys are big stage pros, so get your push-ups and squats in this week, there will be many a shoulder ride and crowd surf needed for this show.



Sonreal, Tall Tree Stage @ 6:00

A fresh face in Vancouver hip-hop, and with a Juno and MMVA nomination under his belt, Sonreal adds a bit of variety to Tall Tree’s line up this year. There is a lot of buzz going around on this guy right now. I don’t know too much about hip-hop, but I do know I really enjoy Sonreal, and a few beers deep I expect to have a shit load of fun at this show.

Bear Mountain, Tall Tree Stage @ 8:00

Let’s dance! That is all.

Pickwick, Tall Tree Stage @ 10:50

My most anticipated show for the weekend, Seattle’s mind-blowing, vocally masterful, blues & soul ensemble Pickwick will be closing down the weekend, and promised a few new tracks to test out that could be on the next album.


There you have it, and don’t forget to do a couple sun salutations at yoga this week. We want a hot and dry weekend, and we always get what we want. See you on the mountain.

WORDS The Lion-at-large

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