Swedish duo JJ – the elusive project of Erin Kastlander and Joakim Benon – are releasing new album VAugust 19th on Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours. Everything the pair has previously produced has been part of the journey leading to this new album — a zenith they always sought to reach. Here, withV, everything is compacted, concentrated, senses heightened — it’s twelve songs spanning a breadth of compositional approaches, but maintaining a pop-savvy accessibility and conveying emotion in very honest terms. As Benon said, with V, JJ is ready to embrace, rather than retreat, and “communicate with the world” in a way they’ve never done before. Mysteries are more frustrating than fascinating without resolution.

After revealing V‘s spectacular trailer and debut single, “All White Everything,” JJ are now sharing the song’s video, directed and produced by Olivia Kastebring.

Stream “All White Everything”:


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