Lissvik Of Studio Remixes Brian Reitzell’s “Last Summer” Featuring Kevin Shields‏

Los Angeles-based Brian Reitzell, the former drummer of Air and Red Kross, and one of Hollywood’s most sought-after music supervisors and composers, is releasing his debut solo album, Auto Music, next month via Smalltown Supersound. Beginning as a series of private recordings to test out techniques and explore textures and sounds for his film projects, Autio Music is anything from dry experimentalism, but rather a marvelous evocation of coasting along California’s freeways, reveling in the blissful sensation of forward motion.


As the “music conceptualist” for “Hannibal,” “Boss,” various Sofia Coppola films (“The Bling Ring,” “Lost In Translation,” “Marie Antoinette” and “The Virgin Suicides,”), as well as “Promised Land,” “Stranger Than Fiction,” the video game Watch Dogs, and much more, Brian Reitzell has turned music supervision into a creative practice not only using his impeccable taste to select more eclectic and adventurous cuts than you normally hear on screen, but also commissioning and producing new music from some of rock and pop’s most reticent geniuses. He persuaded My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields out of obscurity for “Lost In Translation” and secretly commissioned new music from Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis for a snippet of which was used on “Boss.”


After sharing Auto Music‘s “Last Summer” featuring Kevin Shields, Reitzell is now offering up the remix by Lissvik, one-half of renowned Swedish duo, Studio. 

Listen to “Last Summer by Brian Reitzell here | Listen to the Lissvik remix here

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