Music Mondays – Mike Sempert

Artist Hotsheet

Hometown: San Francisco

Genre: Rock/Folk

Album: Mid Dream, (Velvet Blue Music)

Influences: Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan

Former Projects: Birds and Batteries


I thought we could bring you a brand new venture from San Francisco artist and Bay Area Native Mike Sempert. Formerly “band leader” of San Fran indie-rock electro-pop outfit Birds and Batteries, Sempert has taken a break from pedals, synthesizers and vocal effects to create some really lovely music under his own name.

The first effort from his new project dropped Tuesday, May 6th on Velvet Blue Music. “Mid Dream” takes a stripped and honest approach to songwriting, something Sempert calls “vital” in the maturation of any singer/songwriter. Described as organic and exposed, with simple and subtle vocal harmonies and focusing on live drums and primarily acoustic interpretations.

I hear hints of Tom Petty, both vocally and in the lilting melodies and melancholy – yet optimistic – tone of Sempert’s music. Either way, this is something to accompany the Monday blues, now cheer up baby, summer’s comin’.

Listen to ‘Oceans of Rock and Roll’ here

WORDS: The Lion-at-Large

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