Review: White Noise Washes Away the Work Week- Friday May 2

Once a month there is a serious party at Main Street’s Electric Owl. Dubbed White Noise, the event provides a serious opportunity to rinse off the woes of the work week with a good dance. The most recent event last Friday (May 2nd) was headlined by San Francisco Producer/DJ Lane 8, and flanked by local legends WMNSTUDIES, Pat Lok and Momantix.

Lane 8 (AKA) Daniel Goldstein, stopped in during his American/European tour, between sets in Washington DC and NYC. Not necessarily the most convenient stop for Goldstein, making me suspect that Vancouver’s electronic scene is more than alive and well, considering the level of talent that seem eager to make Vancouver a priority.


Lane 8 put up infectious bass-lines, pelvic thrust-able drum tracks, and Ibiza discotheque worthy house beats. The set was at times a little bit beachy, other times a little bit dirty, while at others linking to late 90’s dreamy tracks with well chosen vocal samples. All in all, Goldstein created an arm raising feel-good sound that moved and evolved masterfully with dancing revellers. Lane 8’s set featured a good variety of tracks from his latest EP “The One” which he is touring to promote, definitely worth a listen and to get after beach hangouts revved up.

Hosted monthly by Greg Logardis (AKA) BDG and backed by local party majors Nathan Savemeboots of WMNSTUDIES, Pat Lok, and Momantix, Whitenoise is gaining a premier spot on Vancouver’s party circuit. Unknown to me until last Friday, this monthly blow-out at the Electric Owl has easily become the city’s best electronic night, showcasing big international DJs to sold out crowds — crowds that really get moving, and in a city that I thought had nearly kiboshed the whole idea of letting go and moving in time with a beat. Next month will see stellar mixes and remixes by American DJ Moon Boots, so bring your space suits, and get ready for a good sweat on June 6th.


Now Betty & Kora know full well that I’m generally not the ideal candidate to be covering a DJ showcase, the two reasons being (a) I tend to be more of a live act guy and (b) I usually get dizzyingly drunk at nights like these. I can’t say that I didn’t get a little spirited at last Friday’s event, but the contagious energy was inescapable, and a room full of dancers had me closing my eyes and moving with the best of them in no time. I guess there is hope for a alt-rock, guitar riff veteran such as me.

Your newest party convert,

The Lion-at-Large

Event Hotsheet:


Venue: The Electric Owl, 928 Main St.

Next Event: June 6th featuring Moon Boots

Residents: WMNSTUDIES + Pat Lok, Momantix

Tickets: $10 – $15

Listen to Lane 8 | Listen to WMNSTUDIES | Listen to Pat Lok | Listen to Momantix

Buy tix to White Noise June 8 feat Moon Boots

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