Hey London: The Vault Festival – Electronic Lockdown is this weekend!

Vault is a six week festival of music & the arts. Last year was a huge success, tickets sold out and in the press coverage was outstanding. Vault featured in The Times’ Critics Choice, The Telegraph’s Top 10 and was Time Out’s most viewed event in February. The festival brought together a diverse array of the arts from art installations, hammer horror screenings, and swing dance nights to silent opera and cabaret.
This year, with an extended license, one night has been designated an electronic music takeover. The venue is an incredible underground labyrinth of tunnels, situated in central London, underneath the hub of Waterloo station.
On February 22, 2014, The Vault Festival takes over the subterranean world for one night only. The Electronic Lockdown will bring you an eclectic mix of electronic music in a labyrinth of old access tunnels and secret chambers. 
Room 1: Dark Bar
We are very excited to welcome Activia Benz to Electronic Lockdown, including the likes of Slugabed, ELOQ,  My Panda Shall Fly and Activia Benz DJs. The groundbreaking record label will curate the Dark Bar, filling its cavernous space with anything from garage classics to brand new beat-scene weirdness. Headliner, Slugabed will be playing his own special brand of hip-hop, grime, club music, drum trax & anything in between and beyond. Representing the diverse sounds the label has to offer, Activia Benz is bringing in three of its new signings, London’s My Panda Shall Fly, Danish based ELOQ and Activia Benz DJs.  Further to all of the above this is going to be an extra special event as Slugabed celebrates his birthday!
Dark Bar line up
Activia Benz: Slugabed / My Panda Shall Fly / ELOQ /Activia Benz DJs
Room 2: Light Bar 
Hosting the Light Bar we are proud to announce London-based DJ collective Soltek. With their eclectic and forward-thinking approach to underground music the DJ trio – Daffadam, Nick Duffy and Lizzle – will be bringing you dance music with soul. Since its launch in 2010, Soltek has fast developed a reputation for attracting good vibes and good crowds with their diverse and exciting programming.
Light Bar line up
Soltek DJs: Daffadam / Nick Duffy / Lizzle
Vault Festival
The Vaults
Arch 233, Leake Street
London, SE1 7NN
Saturday February 22 2014
Open: 22:30 – 03:00
Tickets: £5.00
Soltek is a London-based knees up that focuses on showcasing the finest home-grown and international talent, befitting of its eclectic and forward-thinking approach to underground electronic music. Since its launch in 2010, Soltek have fast developed a reputation for consistently putting on parties that encourage diverse and exciting music programming, attract a great crowd, and above all, create a memorable vibe.
Soltek Artist Links
Nick Duffy
Activia Benz
Activia Benz is a record label / lifestyle / beer drinking collective founded by london based producer Slugabed and his good friend Jake. The label is at the forefront of groundbreaking electronic music, spanning all genres from garage to juke to trap to who-knows-what.
Activia Benz artist links
My Panda Shall Fly

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