Song and Surf Music Festival

You know it’s a good festival when your friend looks at you on the last day and says: “Can’t we all just stay here together forever?”

Set amongst the picturesque town of Port Renfrew B.C., the intimate and cozy West Coast Canadian winter festival, Song and Surf, proved to be a weekend we all will never forget. From start to finish, the festival was profoundly moving due to the sheer simplicity, connection to people you met, and the raw beauty of the beautiful West Coast.


Standing amongst musicians, new and old friends, while sipping hot tea around cedar planks, was the most incredible way to start off each afternoon. The Sunset Showcase, held in the Big Fish Lodge never disappointed. Acoustic sets and full bands such as Sam Weber, JP Maurice, Shane Philip and the brand new Are We Family played to a packed room; in front of a beachfront backdrop with rolling waves and ocean mist. Outside, we enjoyed Somersby Cider in front of massive bonfires while jumping from log to log with new friends, and interviewing musicians. The handmade hot tub constructed literally on the beach by the “Coastally Nomadic” gentlemen from Anian Surfboards was a true unique highlight of the festival. Fit for twelve people, the tub was heated by copper coil and a fire that was continuously stoked by staff and volunteers. #RealTalk: who wouldn’t want that at a festival?

Hot Tub Time Machine Built By the Lovely Gents @ Anian Surfboards

Hot Tub Time Machine Built By the Lovely Gents @ Anian Surfboards

The nighttime concerts were unreal. The breakup time in between the Sunset Showcase and the night time sets were roughly two hours which gave everyone lots of time to regroup, make dinner, recharge and enjoy a moonlit beach walk or bike ride home. We would definitely like to give a double high kick for good planning – most festivals are full torque from noon to 3am. We never missed a set, and we both really enjoyed the big breaks! The evening concerts were packed! A mixture of Electronic acts such as SkiTour, Hip Hop such as Pigeon Hole, Folk such as Dougal Bain, Rock, Blues and Indie took the stage. All performers put on one hell of a show! Phillips Beer was flowing, people were dancing, and it was an all-round one double high kicking’ helluva of a time!


Leaving Song and Surf, this festival is a truly beautiful experience. As the lead up to it’s big brother, Tall Tree Music Festival – the last weekend of June – it definitely get’s the buzz rolling and many people looking forward to another fantastic summer weekend! We absolutely loved this festival and would urge anyone to attend!


-Betty and Kora


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