Inventing The Dinosaur

When your friend asks you to go see his band, there is a chance things could get awkward. There is a chance you end up in a coffee shop listening to shitty acoustic covers of Wonderwall. Luckily for the crowd last night at the Cellar, and especially the friends of  Inventing the Dinosaur, there was no suffering through whiny renditions of Hotel California.

Ryan Keller (vocals and guitar), Elliot Mckerr (bass) and Steve Harris (drums) ripped through a tight setting of emotional screaming (screamo?) that unabashedly was influenced by bands like Brand New, Thrice, and early Nirvana. As you can tell by these photos, it wasn’t exactly latte sipping music.

Write Up By: Brock Skelding

Photos By: Roco Newson

For more info and tunes please check out:

❤ Kora

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