Input/Output Documentary Film Teaser Out Now!

Reverse Media and Wandering Worx Films are pleased to announce the launch of the official teaser for the I/O (Input/Output) documentary feature film. This first phase of the project is unleashed to the public on a new website with an exciting 90 second video.

The I/O computing term is defined as the communication between an information processing system (such as a computer), and the outside world (such as a person). I/O is a reflection of the communication between electronic music and individuals. Their bodies, their minds…their turntables and laptops. This behavioural documentary is an ethnographic look into the influential realm of these amorphous sounds and their effects on the human psyche, technology, and sociocultural anthropology.

I/O seeks to investigate the underlying messages and true intention found within these unnatural soundscapes. What transition are we situated in right now and where does it end? Are we dancing our way into the next stage in music cultural evolution and advanced consciousness, or is this just another era or fad to be forgotten and discarded in the future?

Over the past five years the I/O team has documented at hundreds of events and festivals throughout Vancouver, Canada, the BC Southern Interior, Cancun, Mexico, and down along the west coast to California, USA. Over 200 on camera interviews have been conducted with ravers, promoters, radio personalities, politicians…even your parents. Along the way we’ve also had the pleasure of picking the brains of many talented performing artists such as multi-genre turn-tablists DJ Z-Trip & A.Skillz, dubstep connoisseur Rusko, Jurassic 5’s DJ Numark & Chali 2na, world-reknown street performers Dub FX & Flower Fairy, glitch-hop producer/MC ill-esha, Vancouver’s Longwalkshortdock, and many more.

The feature length I/O documentary film is due to be released the end of 2014. Please emailor contact Kevan McGovern (independent filmmaker) at 778-241-7568 or Jenn Goulet (publicist) at 250-718-3050 for further information about existing partner and sponsorship opportunities.

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