Later Magazine Exclusive Betty & Kora Playlist: Keep Sane on an Airplane

Keep Sane on an Airplane – the latest exclusive December playlist made for Later Magazine – – is a calming and melodic mix to sooth those nerves and headaches associated with intense airline travel.

After that nasty layover and awkward attempt at sleep on the airport floor, you finally manage to squeeze your bag into the overhead bin five seats away from your seat. The guy sitting next to you appears to be far more hung over and haggard than you are. This man (who has the window seat) smells like a brewery of dirty hot dog water. To top it off, as you get settled into your “ultra comfortable” and “conveniently located” middle seat, you feel an acute pain in the back of your head. You turn around to discover the screaming two year old kicking your seat.

There`s no First Class curtain to separate you from this complete disaster for the next six hours. “Keep Sane on the Airplane” is all that lies between you keeping your cool and having a full blowout. We hope you enjoy this Mixtape, and the remainder of your flight.

Keep Sane on an Airplane

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