J.Phlip Comes to Vancouver

On Saturday November 23rd 2013, J.Phlip with Robbie Slade (Humans) are set to play a sure-to-sell-out Spotted Saturdays event at 926 Main Street, Vancouver B.C.

J.Phlip (pronounced J Flip) known to some as Jessica Phillipe discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, Illinois, just 2 hours south of Chicago. Sometime around her 19th birthday she got her first DJ rig –from then on, her poor roommates were forced to listen to a constant dance party in-between her Systems Engineering studies. There aren’t a lot of 4.0 braniac engineering majors who decide to become DJs instead of cashing in on their degrees, but Jessica truly loves the music and has dedicated her life to it.


J.Phlip’s sets posses a fun, “lets-not-forget-this-is-dance-music,” feeling and simultaneously keep you guessing about what might come next. Her collection spans house, tech house, deep house, techno, booty bass and pretty much anything that make you shake your ass.  She continues to have new productions coming out on Dirtybird where she has signed on as an exclusive original artist. Add to that, remixes on Scion Audio/Visual, Justin Long’s Dotbleep Records, and brand new Denver-based label Full Flavor, and original tunes on Alland Byallo’s Nightlight Music & the east coast imprint, Airdrop. She is currently Claude VonStroke’s favorite support DJ and has already played at amazing high profile gigs like Fabric, Space Ibiza & Back to Basics. She was also chosen for URB Magazine’s Next 100 of 2009 and is looking forward to Berlin, where she will be moving in the spring of 2010.

Do not miss out on this sure-to-sell-out event as advance tickets are limited.  Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.intimateproductions.com or at Beatstreet Records [439 Hastings St], Tom Lee Music and Zulu Records [1972 W 4th Avenue]

Need more information?  www.intimateproductions.com

Twitter & Instagram: @Intimate      Facebook: facebook.com/IntimateProductions

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