The Day The “Funk” Rolled Into Town…

On Friday November 8, 2013, The Funk Hunters played a sold out show to their hometown crowd in Vancouver B.C.  You could ignite the energy at Celebrities Night Club about as easy as a tinder block takes to flame.

The dance floor was pumping so hard it was literally vibrating the bar tops.  With those funky beats dropping all night and original music showcased to their hometown crowd, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith were absolutely mesmerizing to watch operate. The funk – duo were accompanied by Steve Beddell on guitar, Chris Wilson aka “Smoothie” on the sax, Peter Bowles on keys and key –tar,  Cole Graham on trumpet, hip hop by the “Eh Yo” boys and the sultry sexy Tonye Aganaba performing live vocals on the brand new original track entitled “Change” to be released on Westwood Recordings in 2014.

Steve Beddall

The addition of live elements to the show incorporate live mixed music with live instrumentals and vocals; subtly, this is one of the best live shows you’re going to see anywhere.  Period.

This show gets a #triplehighkick from us! Much Love,

Betty and Kora

PS Grab a copy of The Funk Hunters new track “Keep on Moving” at the link below…  It’s SICK!

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