Moonrise Over “Bear Mountain” By: Joanna Piros

Photo Cred: Christine McAvoy Photography

They come on stage bouncing like baby goats, full of frenetic energy and feeding off the energy of the crowd.  The floor in front is packed with fist-pumping, iPhone-waving dancers.  At various intervals longhaired, slim-limbed girls rise from the crowd like sunflowers in September, aloft on the shoulders of their dates.

Photo Cred: Terry Smith

Some surfing occurs and Kyle Statham is borne out into the throng and then, tidily, returned to the stage, not even mussed up.

 Ian Bevis’ crazy physique and unique vocals are mesmerizing; he seems to be everywhere at once.  Oh right, twins!

Amazed at Kenji Rodriguez’s abandoned dancing in the spot normally occupied by drums.  Wait, does he even play an instrument, or just a Mac?

Photo Cred:  Dave Moorman

Photo Cred:
Dave Moorman


  • You can go anywhere during a concert if you wear a collared shirt, a windbreaker with a generic logo, and carry a clipboard and a flashlight.  An ear piece doesn’t hurt either.
  • We would all go back to being 25 if we were allowed to keep what is currently in our heads.
  • There’s nothing like performers who are still at it for the love of the gig, although they’d probably all agree to be slightly compromised by money.

By: Joanna Piros

Huge Thanks to Joanna for writing this! You can check out more on Bear Mountain at the link below!

xo Betty and Kora

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