Kora and The Festival Guy – Real Talk with: GRiZ

During Betty and I’s unimaginably awesome experience at Shambhala Music Festival we had the pleasure of  meeting Tucker Gumber aka The Festival Guy. We showed him a “hand hug”, he showed us the “cinnaswirl” and it was FRIENDS ON ever after that. Staying true to his name “The Festival Guy” Tucker made sure we didn’t miss the cool- as- f*** 23-year-old DJ, producer and classically-trained saxaphone player GRiZ‘s set. (Which for the record was MIND  BLOWING!)

Tucker and I had the pleasure of catching up with Grant Kwiecinski aka GRiZ for some “real talk” in Van-City after Shambhala… Check it out….

The Short Version:

The Un-Cut Version:

You can grab a copy of GRiZ’s sophomore LP “Rebel Era” and check out his tour schedule HERE!

Huge thanks to GRiZ and his tour manager Benjamin Schroeder for taking the time to chat with us and to Galen Löfstedt for filming. You guys ROCK!



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