Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party Hits Vancouver’s Venue!

Heyo! Our good friend Obeezy got to hit up the Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party last Thursday. Check it out…

Vancouver’s Venue on Granville street was the place to be last Thursday night if you like dressing up, dancing, and then explaining the glitter in your hair at work the next day. Regardless of the Thursday night  setting, Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party (TLGLTP) and Gang Signs had a massive following out to support the release of the debut album by TLGLTP.

Gang Signs were a nice warm up for the festivities that would ensue. The promising three-piece Vancouver band played their dreamy electro-pop under almost complete darkness as the line up on the sidewalk turned into a lineup at every bar counter in the venue.

The openers finished up and the stage took on a quite a change as mic stands and instruments were wheeled out and confetti cannons were primed. There was a buzz in the air as old friends were brought back together by their common interest in the popular local band. Needless to say, the dancefloor was packed with people securing spots long before the show.

As the local legends came out in matching gold spandex pants and glittered faces, the crowd went into a frenzy and people began tossing glitter, peppering each others faces with the fairy dust. They playing tracks from the new album, which were unfamiliar aural territory for most but were accepted with open arms by the audience.

The confetti cannons fired off and it felt a bit as I would imagine a riot feels with flashbangs and smoke and lights and debris flying through the air, but in a good way. After a wardrobe change, they came back out for an encore finishing up with their track by the same name as the band to the excitement of everyone in attendance. If you hadn’t heard this song before you probably hadn’t heard of Top Less. And just like that it ended. While some fans gathered by the merch table to meet the band after the show, others wandered home down the streets of downtown wondering how they were going to remove this sticky mess of glitter and sweat from their bodies. Or maybe they didn’t want to.


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